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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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fears of violence and overcrowding run wild in italy as the government braces itself for an influx of immigrants from arab countries in turmoil. renewed clashes broke as greeks protest against austerity measures it comes as billions of dollars of aid go to the middle east at the expense of europeans germy down your bushel for all the details. plus ukraine is hit with accusations of corruption and mismanagement is hiv positive patients blame the health ministry for delays in the supply of lifesaving drugs. this is r.t. here in moscow eight pm here in the russian capital and six pm in italy where rome
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fears an immigrant exodus of up to three hundred thousand libyans in the ongoing revolt in the country is in the southernmost point of lampedusa is the closest european shorter north africa and so the destination point for refugees from the troubled region thousands of tunisians of already flooded the island after the african countries regime fell in january he got to sort of has more. we don't call them to do so they get into europe for nothing you see this tiny italian island in the mediterranean is located just around eighteen miles off the coast of north africa and over the past decade many refugees came here looking for a better life and world leaders sent to other european countries nevertheless this place still managed to remain a peaceful isolated world populated mostly by fishermen and holiday makers but just recently the peace was disturbed after the recent revolution in tunisia in just two weeks the island became flooded with refugees many spend their entire days this
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wandering around town there have already been reports of and vandalism and several have been arrested we've been talking to the locals and some of them or you know afraid to come out on the streets when it's dark it takes around three days to seel from tunisia to lampedusa and these are some of the actual boats used by the refugees to get here and you can see they're not really that big so it's really hard to believe that sometimes up to three hundred people can cram on each one and actually not all of them even make it to the island some get lost out there in the open sea and some sink dozens of refugees have already died this is the center where many of the refugees are being held as you can see it's like a separate itself they're being given out food and water and clothes and the necessary medical assistance as well all on the state money the problem is it was initially designed to house just around eight hundred fifty people while it had to
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receive in reality much more than that and another problem is it's really hard to identify all these people and official say that some of them could be criminals or even terrorists with the e.u. foreign and interior ministers finally meeting to discuss the situation a resolution is needed fast because the violent. protests continuing both in northern africa and in the middle east italy has already warned a new bigger wave of refugees could flood not all the tiny island but the entire continent has come off or. more supporters of libyan leader colonel gadhafi appear to be turning their back on him while the international community unites against the bloodshed the country's interior minister has resigned and joined the antigovernment protesters after reports of three hundred civilians being killed in libya's second largest city benghazi he accused about for you planning a wide scale attack on his own countryman italian foreign minister told reporters
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that more than one thousand libyans may have been killed in just eight days u.n. security council demanded an end to the violence on choose day while the arab league suspended libya the french president has called for e.u. sanctions against the country nevertheless gadhafi val's to fight to live and die a martyr in his homeland his first speech major speech since the unrest began the supporters to attack the opposition who he claimed bribed drugged and serve and. it's come to light the u.k. has been selling military equipment to libya but since the unrest in london has been calling for democracy condemning gadhafi is actions professor of middle east policy studies dr rosemary hollis told us earlier that britain has been exploiting its lucrative relationship with libya and is glad to see gadhafi regime under threat now. i think the british went a little too far in getting cozy with gadhafi and they discovered to their cost that he drives a very hard bargain and he's not incapable of punishing those who don't do what he
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wants he's saying it about migration he said three days ago that he was going to withdraw cooperation on migration across the mediterranean he said anything to that british clearly indicating that if the kind of cooperation that he wants from the british is not forthcoming then there will be consequences for british contract so it's been a difficult relationship in some ways they may be glad to see the back of it. a second plane carrying russians evacuated from turbulent libya has landed in moscow it's brought back more than one hundred people who describe the situation in the arab country as a nightmare they say that on their way to board the aircraft they had to fight through huge crowds of desperate libyans attempting to flee official surf on a plane is on its way back and will land in moscow later tonight. western nations are seeking ways to help troubled north africa and the middle east but with a multi-billion dollar a deals being discussed some europeans are starting to fear that this will harm the only comments daniel bushell has more on this from brussels
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. the climate has all the elements of a perfect storm for many citizens here in the u.s. the worst possible time to be pumping cash into uncertain regimes what with the economic tensions and the economic problems here in the e.u. at the moment not only in the soft underbelly of europe as we've been seeing in reports this hour but it's richest states as well greece is paralyzed at the moment with a nationwide strike hundreds of thousands of workers have left the job to protest as the recession there goes from bad to worse and more than one in three young people there are a unemployed at the moment interior ministers of solvent e.u. states like italy and spain are meeting to find a way to stop the this group my groups from north africa the middle east who are trying to come to the shores trying to battle and stem that flow or find a way of managing itself and merkel the chancellor of germany is giving
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a speech today to say that the financial problems of many of those southern these days will not spread to germany on the one hundred sure but on the other hand of concern the very fact that she has to be saying this speech in the strongest economy is coming to the office today there is a protest at the moment from our arab immigrants calling on the e.u. the e.u. used to do much much more to help the new democratic regimes in the new democratic supporters in the middle east and north africa but speak to the residents and citizens of the e.u. here as well and they will tell you now is not the time as the country battles and the e.u. as a whole battle's one of the worst economic crises it's ever seen now is not the time to be pumping cash to uncertain regimes more now on this from along the correspondent nor am it in the battle for hearts and minds in the middle east a new front end up influential voices from the heart of europe to wash. are urging
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western politicians to take advantage of unrest by pumping involves sums of money in aid to show the newly liberated people of the region that democracy does carry rewards but it's cash that many europeans don't feel they have regular service or don't we will give it a broader meaning those search i think we should be close to or on the political i mean obviously they did serve someone they start helping to democracy but we need to be the council ruling farce that's crazy should probably try to look after us but on a whole first before you strike the like intransigence also reading at this moment our country is going through these big cuts and that money i think could be used for foreign benefits the aid package being proposed by e.u. and us leaders is potentially the biggest since the end of the second world war
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it's being dubbed the new marshall plan after the money that america gave to europe after the war to help rebuild a decimated economy and create jobs but robert oulds from the british group says we should be concentrating on trade not eight countries such as egypt and tunisia and other countries developing nations are hurts their agricultural policies are damaged as a result of the european union's policies we need to have trade policies which stop hurting the third world would stop hurting developing nations and that that would be the better way of securing a long term process by oversea for countries that are these emerging democracies instead europe in the us a talking about handing over billions of dollars to the middle eastern mediterranean to countries torn apart by revolution and unrest and despite the opposition in the u.k. there are also some who believe it's the duty of developed countries to help those
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in trouble we're lucky to have a democracy. democracy israel i think the middle east needs our help it's going to. question transition that's the moment. to despise our problems are told we can't just close up we have to look at the words this place we live in but it may not be as simple as that unlike europe after the second world war egypt and. that developing economies going through revolution and it's very unclear at this point who is going to end up in charge and who would take receipt of any aid package the government's made extensive attempts to build relations build up regimes which now being destroyed by revolutions whether we're looking out over the years to egypt or what we're looking out it's a big deal tony blair was shaking hands on just a few years ago in libya with gadhafi so we need to be really careful particularly when we don't know what the road for the final government means there is will be we
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don't wind up with resources when we have the road home so if the muslim brotherhood takes over in egypt do we want them to be taking over with institutions which we've built up with western taxpayers money westminster has been the scene of ugly demonstrations against government proposals to cut funds to some of the u.k.'s most vital services while some undoubtedly believe it would be a sad day when western countries refused to help build democracy others say it's the wrong help potentially going to the wrong people at the wrong target for a cash strapped euro your average forty. this is r t you coming to live from the russian capital within twenty four hours a day on the way this saw oil shock investors fear that the anti-government uprising in libya will disrupt global supplies of like gold or analysis of the situation with the markets in business update for you just under ten minutes from
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now. also find out why doctors are being accused to jeopardize. peoples lives in ukraine and what hiv has to do with. a and. good samaritan. excellent professional. medics travel much possessing an extra ordinary car. the doctor who helped many people in his country. the political criminal responsible for thousands of deaths. was it an attempt to repent. or just escape a fair trial. the other line twelve around among. on our team. the grandest nutrition and this is products on the price of healthy eating. lead
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to testes food toxicity allergenicity immune response lower nutrition in for environmental contamination don't you feel like a law brought some consider the experiment in human treatment i believe significant differences between the g.m. felt that they both at the g.m. . but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one career if you ask one question you could be uncertain and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career. suspected militants is being destroyed in russia's north caucasus republic of korea it's part of a major anti terror effort in the region special forces still searching for
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suspected militants who opened fire on lord forces overnight the same group is suspected of attacking tourists last weekend went to moscow and stopped a mini fos heading for a ski resort on mount elbrus three tourists were killed and two others injured. time now to update you on some other international news in brief rescuers in new zealand christchurch you continue to try to pull survivors from the rubble tuesday's devastating earthquake seventy five people have so far confirmed dead but nearly three hundred remain missing a national state of emergency has been declared as hundreds of rescue workers including foreign teams have rushed to the city the trauma was the country's deadliest natural disaster in the in a century. at least ten soldiers have been killed in fighting between the forces of the two political rivals in ivory coast some reports suggest the real figure could be as high as forty the violence with some of the heaviest since the country's disputed presidential election nearly three months ago vitamins concentrated in the stronghold of allison the up with the internationally recognized as the winner of
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last year's poll becoming president one bag who has ruled the country since two thousand and two continues to refuse to resign alleging voter fraud. and the u.s. military says fifteen somali pirates detained after killing four americans could face trial in the united states the victims are married couple and their two friends have been hijacked on a yacht off the coast of a man while attempting to sail around the world u.s. military forces have been trailing the vessel and try to negotiate with the pirates but on tuesday they stormed the yacht after hearing gunfire however three of the hostages were found dead and the fourth died later from her wings. ukraine's health ministry is under fire for failing to provide the sufferers with vital life prolonging drugs supply cancer been blamed on government corruption country has europe's worst aids epidemic and artie's alexian a chef he reports many hiv positive are resorting to risky medication changes just
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to keep themselves alive. ever since you learned the learned she was a child be positive her life has been a nightmare and the last few months have made matters even worse a local aid center which had been providing iliana with medication told her that they no longer had even a logical serum for her three year old son dre also infected with a deadly virus when. they told me that i have to give my people with adult ones two hundred eighty and that i have to split each peel into three how can i split it into exactly three parts and how do i know if his body will accept these late last year several ukrainian regents reported a shortage of immune strengthening drugs used by hiv positive patients experts point the finger at the country's health ministry all of them that have official say this happened because the bidding for the purchase of drugs happened too late not in the summer but in the winter they received funding too late this whole
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system of buying drugs by tender is corrupt through and through. following this delay in supplies some hiv patients have had to alter their treatment and find alternative medication doctors say they have no choice but such changes can pose a grave danger. that he says when a boy that has got used to one drug we replace it with another it took or is another adaptation period we never know whether a patient's body will accept a new drug if it doesn't then they can be different outcomes from a rapid growth of virus else to allergy and even imminent death. experts say ukraine which has one of the highest hiv spread rates in europe can hardly afford to take such risks ukraine's health ministry reports of at least one hundred thousand people to people in the country however experts say this number is diminished and the real amount of the infected may go to three hundred and fifty
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thousand people. official say for the present the supply crisis has been dealt with . for now all regions have received the required medication the only drugs which are still on their way to children's bills going to stand they will be delivered within a few days but doctors say within six months the hiv positive may feel the damaging effects of the recent halt in supplies and roundabout that sign they are expecting another shortage of anti-viral medicine you know hopes she and her son will be able to make it through all of this once more. alexi to show ski artsy reporting from key of and should can't see ukraine. by the way if you want more on any of our top stories or for all the latest features videos and blogs you can always log on to our web site is r t dot com online all the time here's a taste of what's there right now sarah palin's x. eight is ruffling feathers with a forthcoming memoir on the controversial politician the manuscript is set to
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include a chain of e-mails highlighting problems obsession with her self image in the media . and the oscar goes to and if you want to be ahead of the game just days before this year's academy awards check out our online predictions of who will go home with that coveted golden statue all of mine are to dot com. i'll be back with a summary of our main news stories in about ten minutes from now in the meantime kareen is next with the latest business news stay with us. how about culture business bulletin while prices continue to surge as the end rest of the middle east raises fears over disruption to supplies light sweet crude is
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trading just over ninety nine dollars a barrel while brant blend is currently a fraction of around one hundred ten dollars per barrel on monday gazprom c.e.o. and i say miller said the tour wall should have showed how reliable russia was as an energy partner to earlier i spoke to jack who john congo board of trade and i asked him how he assessed the risks to energy supplies from the middle east. when we're talking about certain situations libya for example we have about three percent of the world oil supply that's being taken off and disrupted but i think that when we make comparisons we have to be very careful not to group all the arab nations for example into one pile i think the situation in saudi arabia is going to be much different than it is in libya where we had an oppressive regime in saudi arabia it's a difference between the rich and the ultra rich as opposed to the rich and the poor which are the divisions politically that we're seeing a lot of these price movements are temporary but we are looking at a situation where we are looking at a global in face inflation being driven by demand that global growth story is still
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very much intact but it's being fueled of course by these macro economic about's now economists argue that high energy costs will drag on fragile economy still struggling too much from the financial crisis but i do. believe the fears are being overplayed. we need to take into account. the global economic developments considerable time so assuming that the situation in the middle east doesn't have school way further significantly we should rather consider like a short term problem i should emphasize that so far recovered seen any. minor disruptions to all suppliers major markets including europe. because problems in egypt. while shipments through the suez canal were unaffected
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what we currently see in libya while and. actually hasn't produced any material impact on the crude supply of. oil and gas stocks have had the best of the week here in russia they benefited not just from the rising oil price but also from speculation in the media that upcoming tax reforms could see them operating under a more favorable regime there's a secular theme in russia of tax reform which seems to be finding support even in this difficult environment. of the market sell off and we think that all the names that are exposed to the could export such as we have to. look well out the farmers in the market towards the end of the week. and the exploration deal signed between rosneft and b.p. has raised the possibility of tapping into russia's arctic energy resources but even if the difficulties surrounding that deal can be overcome still remains the challenge of extracting oil and gas from the frozen region the president of the
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russian union of oil and gas groups believes drilling will only become economically viable when the oil price hits one hundred fifty dollars per barrel. yeah. it's very expensive to develop the arctic show i'm not saying we shouldn't develop this area but we still don't have enough experience to deal with it i believe we should have the development when the pros who reaches one hundred fifty dollars per barrel and beyond for example to drill one metre of the arctic show could cost up to one million rubles so we should calculate accordingly. the markets here in russia markets are closed for a national holiday u.s. stocks ended in the red on wednesday on concerns about the unrest in the middle east. for gas to wait on the sea losing over five percent each day and technologies lost the most on the dax off four percent banks one of the bright spots held by well received results from commerce bank and not to exit the u.k. barclays rose to a half percent. last week. and in the u.s.
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stocks tumble on wednesday extending the biggest one day lost so far this year with oil nearing ninety dollars a barrel many traders are worried the move all the prep for production a day after its largest fall since the ever sixteen the dow jones was off twenty nine point one one point lead by packard h.p. shares fell ten percent after a new c.e.o. projected revenue for the current fiscal year will be below expectations. and russian carmakers solar's and the u.s. auto giant ford will invest one point four billion dollars in a new joint venture in two thousand and twenty the intention is to raise ford's market share in russia to nine percent from the current four point seven percent the car makers hope to get a state secured loan reportedly from the national bank with most of the money to be spent on launching new models with locally made parts so it's reached an agreement with ford but halted talks on a part. at the. intellectual property rights. it's
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all for me for now i'll be back with more in less than one hour so try me.
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please. welcome to the. blizzard of. texas she's got to live. in its southern state trainers to keep you in top form watchful eye on the goal line carving the trail to sochi twenty four to one technology update here keep. wealthy british style.


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